5 Tips to Help you Decide on the Right Countertop

If you’re a fan of HGTV, you have likely seen your fair share of countertops, backsplashes, and everything in between. When it comes time to design your own kitchen, it can sometimes be difficult to decide.

With Selders Kitchens and Remodeling, the options are endless, and we’ll ensure that you’re satisfied with the final product. To do so, we’ll talk to you about the pros and cons of each countertop, along with things like budget and aesthetics.

Though we can help you choose, we’ll never make the decision for you — we want you to be fully satisfied with your new kitchen!

Here are some tips for choosing the right countertop for your kitchen!

1. Consider your budget

Just like anything, different materials have different costs, and some kitchen countertops are going to be more expensive than others. For example, laminate countertops are going to be much cheaper than Granite.

Be careful though — if you’re not worried about budget, you should always choose the better alternative that will last you longer.

2. Consider how much time you have for maintenance

Another thing to consider is the maintenance of each counter top material. Of course, each will need a wipe down after slicing up some raw chicken for dinner, but some countertops require a little more maintenance than others.

For example, darker colors show more scratches, so you’ll want to be sure that you go the extra mile to avoid cutting on dark surfaces.

With granite, you’ll want to seal it every so often to avoid stains, and some surfaces won’t stand up to heat very well.

A surface of soapstone, though gorgeous, requires oil polishing to keep it in good shape.

These small bits of maintenance are all things to consider when choosing a countertop material.

3. Consider elements of your kitchen that you already like

If you’re just adding new countertops instead of a total kitchen overhaul, deciding on the right countertop will depend on what you already have in your kitchen that you like.

For example, you may have a patterned wallpaper that you don’t want to part with, or a tight subway-tile backsplash. If you have busy elements already present in your kitchen, you’ll want to choose a countertop that supplements and compliments existing features rather than competes with them.

4. Consider durability

Some materials are more durable than others. That means you’ll be able to keep them around for a long time, and not have to worry about replacing them.

If you’re looking for something that’s extremely durable, you might want to choose a material like quartz surfacing or granite. Countertops with tile can crack easily, though they are fairly easy to replace.

5. Talk with the experts

At Selders Kitchens and Remodeling, we’ve been crafting kitchens for over 60 years. That’s a lot of countertops!

If you’re having trouble deciding what’s right for your kitchen or budget, feel free to chat with us. We’ll be happy to make recommendations to ensure that you’re satisfied with the final product!

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